Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Many Different Kinds of Internet Leads

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There are a number of internet leads that are being used by a lot of companies these days and some of you may not even realize that leads are being used in these businesses and avenues. The use of web based leads and internet leads just shows how far the information super highway has taken us all and how interconnected we all are by the internet. Here are some of the internet and web based leads you might not have or might have heard about.

Debt Leads – These leads are generated or gained for the use of the many companies that deal with people who want to get out of debt or need a help with repairing their credit card standing. This is usually used by lending companies that specialize in debt relief or consolidation, credit card debt problems and other debt related issues. Debt leads are the names and contact information of people who may have visited sites that spoke of debt relief and consolidation. These leads may prove to be invaluable to companies that need to compete with bigger debt relief companies that people often tap for such problems. By doing the pro-active thing and contacting these people and offering their services instead of waiting for these leads to come to them, debt relief companies can get these clients to choose them over their competitors.

Mortgage Leads – These leads are used by mortgage companies, refinance companies and housing loan companies that want to use the pro-active approach in getting customers to use their mortgage services over others similar to them. These leads are usually used by mortgage and loan companies to gain an edge over the competition since there are a lot of other companies out there that offer the same kind of services that they have. These leads are often garnered from sites that offer people free mortgage quotes. These leads are then filtered through to the companies that purchase them and they contact these people with the free mortgage quote that they are asking for.

Insurance Leads – This is another one of the many internet leads that companies purchase from lead generating companies or try to get with lead generating software and website of their own. Insurance companies use these leads to get clients to purchase their insurance policies from them or to move from their current insurance provider to their company. There are ways for you to get free insurance leads although most insurance brokers opt for qualified leads that they can purchase from lead generating sites that give them specifically the kinds of leads that they need. Examples of such insurance leads are health insurance leads, car insurance leads, life insurance leads and home insurance leads.

Education Leads – Since more and more online schools and even on campus universities and colleges are competing with one another to get students to choose them for their advanced educations needs, education leads have become a pretty useful tool for a lot of institutions. These schools find that contacting possible students instead of waiting for them to come to them and inquire about courses they offer seem to get more students to consider them over the other schools offering similar courses. These leads often encourage people who usually sign an inquiry form about online education or scholarship possibilities and such. The people who fill out these forms on websites that talk about bettering one's position at work, studying to get into the kind of job they dream of having and other similar lines often get emails regarding offers for fast accreditation from online colleges, assessment for their educational qualification and more. These leads can be garnered by the schools themselves from their own sites with an online application form or can be garnered from lead generating companies as well.

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