Friday, January 16, 2009

Top 3 Tips in Creating Targeted Internet Leads

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Usually, when we speak of Internet leads, search engine optimization will not be far behind. This is a process where you will optimize your web pages so they will be easier to find in search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are also a lot of great techniques that you can follow, and some of them are very easy that you don’t really need to hire an SEO specialist.

One of the main reasons why you perform SEO is to drive traffic into your website. After all, that’s how you can get prospects for your business, right? Well, this is not completely true. Not all of the hundreds or thousands of prospects will be really interested in buying products from you. It could be that they really don’t have enough funds to afford what you’re offering. It could also be that they have accidentally clicked on your ads or website. Who knows, a few of them are actually your competitors. They are sizing up your business and looking for weaknesses that can be their strengths.

What you should be after then is targeted traffic. Only a small portion can be called as such, but then, you have a higher chance that they are going to buy products from you and even become long-term customers. This blog post therefore will focus on different ways on how you can get targeted traffic.

1. Begin by defining your target market. Everything will definitely revolve around your desired target audience—keywords, search engine optimization techniques, lead analytics tools, and a lot more. This can also be one of the best ways to reduce unqualified visitors into your website. But how do you exactly determine your target market? For one, you can take a look at the products that you have. What are you currently selling? Who do you think would be interested to get it? Who can afford it? Second, you may want to conduct research first. There are a lot of consumer reports that you can obtain from the Internet, and some of them are free. Others can simply cost a little. You can also create a very short survey or feedback form.

2. Do pay per click. PPC ads are the ones that appear in search engines and their other distribution channels. For example, Google search engine results have them; so does your Gmail account. Though there are already other methods of marketing, this one still remains to be one of the most effective, simply because it gives you targeted traffic. How? You can customize your ads using specific keywords. They will appear only when these keywords are utilized by Internet users. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see them. This method is also ideal as you are actually going to pay for every click that an Internet user does into your ad.

3. Choose your keywords really well. Keywords are the core of search engine optimization and even search engine marketing. These are the terms used by Internet visitors in looking for specific information. You may want your keywords to be traffic specific. For example, if you’re selling smart phones, you may want to utilize keywords like “Nokia smart phones” to drive Internet users who are solely interested in such product to your website.

There are a lot of tools that you can use to generate keywords, and a number of them are free. One of them is Google Adwords keyword suggestion tools. You also have Yahoo Overture and Wordtracker, but the latter is membership based. Thus, to get a comprehensive list of keywords, you need to pay for a small membership fee.

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