Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proven Tips in Generating Leads Online

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Generating leads online is a long process and quite tricky but is quite effective. Using the Internet, you have the potential of harvesting a lot of prospective clients simply because a lot of people use the Internet for anything they need to do. There could be a decent-sized market for your niche in the Internet. Out of billions of people in the world, it is very possible that a million or a hundred million of them are interested in what you sell.

There are two considerations about using the Internet as an advertising medium. One is getting people to notice your offers and, second, making the right offer at the right time so that you can close sales. Lead generation falls under the second consideration.

Everyone knows about the process of search engine optimization and marketing your website so your leads will notice your offers, so this article will not rehash a discussion about that. Instead, the article will attempt to focus on how you can harness the traffic that has been brought to your website and generate qualified leads from the visitor base you have built up.

Everyone Is Just Looking for Information

We all know that the Internet was first made as a large storage medium for information that people can access whenever they need to. That’s where most marketers make mistakes in their campaigns. They don’t understand that Internet users are there to look for information. They are there for research, and most of the times, these users are not interested in shopping for offers. Other marketers kill their marketing campaigns by making a pitch right there and then, discouraging visitors from their website.

Instead, you can focus on giving general information to your leads. At the end of each article, you should offer a free periodic newsletter just in case they want to find more information on their subject of interest. This is one good way to trap qualified leads. With this newsletter offer, you can assign the appropriate credit score as per their interest in your product. Of course, you are promoting free information as of now, but if their level of interest is higher than the norm, then they will click on that offer. This will be useful in lead nurturing later on.

Give Your Customers a Choice

Another mistake that most marketers commit when advertising is that they do not give their customers a choice. People don’t like that; we all hate being helpless and out of choices. If you do that, then you risk losing potential clients or customers simply because you could not offer anything else.

Offering varied choices has several advantages to anyone’s marketing campaign. These advantages include the following:

1. It allows you to properly categorize your leads. It is a fact that each lead is interested in your niche market, but which sub-niches will they be interested in? Instead of wasting time offering a specific product within your niche and finding out they’re interested in another related product; why not offer more than one product?

2. You can use that segmented information to find out if they would be interested in future products. That is why you should include teasers of upcoming products--this works well with paid whitepapers--as well as information on how they might be able to avail of the old and out-of-stock products.

Offer Previews of Your Products

Another way of catching the curiosity of your customers is to use previews or sneak peeks of the product. This is banking on the person’s desire to find out if his money is worth spending and thus would want a preview. For example, if you are running a website selling sheet music, then your customers would want to look at a free electronic copy (stamped with a watermark, of course) to see if they are looking at the right arrangement.

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