Friday, March 13, 2009

How to Generate Online Leads in Less Than a Month

Generating online leads is not as easy as you thought. After all, traffic doesn’t necessarily mean leads at all. Out of the hundreds or even the thousands, depending on how popular your website is or how great the need is, you have to pick out those with very high interest level. Around 20 to 30 percent of them would actually pass as your suited prospects. 

Moreover, the challenge doesn’t end there. You have to make sure that you can increase or bank on their interest for them to bite to your offers. That’s why you have to come up with various online lead marketing campaigns—and there are a lot. 

When you want to take a shortcut, such as generate a good number of leads after a month, take note of these following tips:

1. Create a usable, shareable content. If you have been spending time in the Internet, you definitely know the saying, “Content is king.” However, when it comes to marketing, it’s never sufficient that you have a well-written, zero-grammar-error content. It must be very useful, which means that your target customers will find great information out of it. These data can be helpful in their daily lives as well as in their decision to avail of your offer. Second, it must be easily shared. The information must be useful not only to one person or group but to as many as possible.

For example, if you’re selling supplements for lowering cholesterol, you may talk about the importance of keeping yourself fit and healthy. The content can then be shared to those who are interested to know about various exercises that can definitely burn off calories. 

You may also want to add social bookmarking buttons into your content. You have Reddit, Yahoo, StumbleUpon,, and a lot more. By simply clicking on either or even all of them, your content is added into their own pages, ready to be viewed by their own subscribers. 

2. Create a video. Do you know how many people are watching YouTube videos these days? There are millions. If you can just come up with a very compelling, unique, and informative video, there’s a huge chance that you will be getting hundreds or thousands of hits every day. You can also be among those with high rankings, and you will be clicked more often then. Simply put, videos are a very innovative way of promoting your business since it combines audio and visual elements. 

3. Go for pay per click. I think I already told you about this, but then this one still deserves a space on our list simply because it’s a very good traffic converter. You can set up your ads to appear for at least a month in Google or even Yahoo. Make sure that your ads are well-written and have been optimized using the targeted keywords. Every time someone uses your chosen keywords in the search box, your ads will appear together with the results. The nice thing about them is that almost all the traffic that come there are possible leads. They already have illustrated a higher level of interest for your products and services. 

4. Offer something for free. There’s no Internet user who doesn’t like anything that is given for free. So it’s definitely a great come-on for your business. You can offer it through your ads or sales copies. You can also send these to your prospects’ e-mails. There are a lot of things that you can give away for free, such as reports, e-books, mini-courses, articles, or newsletters. 

Stick with these, and it’s a guarantee that you can boost your leads in a month’s time. 

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